Jonas Jurkūnas: artistry, soundcrafting, chasing inspiration and clarity

Jonas Jurkūnas is a composer keen on discovering and exploiting very different layers of musical creativity, from academic to pop and incidental music. Genre-wise, his creative portfolio includes chamber and orchestral pieces as well as electronic music, multimedia and interdisciplinary projects. Stylistically, his music finds itself in the neighbourhood with minimalism and new tonality. Very often he uses simple sound patterns, pulsating with rhythms, as his creative start-up while searching for new or already forgotten timbres and expressions. These are the minimalist strategies which the composer weaves into his music together with experimental or club-style electronics, ambient stylistics, as well as elements of jazz, pop or even romantic music. Since 2008 Jurkūnas is a member of electronic music collective “Diissc Orchestra”.

Asta Pakarklytė