Creations for the concert scene

“Meditation” for organ solo

Written somewhere in between Vilnius, Helsinki and Beijing during the year 2017. Performed by Karolina Juodelytė at st. Casimir church, Vilnius.

"A Vogn Shikh" for mixed choir and string orchestra

a vogn shikh_edited-1.jpg

score excerpt:

"A Vogn Shikh" (A Wagon of Shoes) for mixed choir and chamer orchestra.  Based on a an eponymous poem by a poet from Vilnius Ghetto - Avram Sutzkever . Performers: Vilnius municipal choir "Jauna Muzika", St. Christopher chamber orchestra, conducted by Amaury du Closel. Special thanks to Rafailas Karpis for introducing me to the poetry of A. Sutzkever. Venue: church of st. Catherine, Vilnius.

"Robots and Petals" for piano and orchestra

A piece written as a hommage to G. Ligeti and F. Zappa. Recorded by Motiejus Bazaras (piano), Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra (dir. Juozas Domarkas). 

"The Fall of the Wall" for flute, clarinet, piano and string orchestra

Written for "Trio Opus 88" for the celebration of M. Rostropovitch 90th anniversary.

Ciurlionis Re-Sung

Re-sung version of Ciurlions piano prelude for four similar voices.


100 Springtimes

100  Pavasarių (lith.) - based on Kazys Binkis eponymous poem. For clarinet, viola and piano. Performed by ClaViola trio.

Temporarily. Letter to Charles.

Orchestral piece for chamber orchestra. Uses quotations from Charles Ives "Unanswered Question.

One on One


“One On One” for female voice, two ukuleles, harpsichord and assorted percussive found objects.

Simona Smirnova – vocals
Jonas Jurkunas – ukuleles, harpsichord, objects



"De-Bu-Va" for bassoon, marimba, piano, accordion, violin, double bass.

Collection. Sixteen on an Anvil

For symphony orchestra. Performed by Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, dir. R. Šervenikas. Vilnius, 2007.

The complete score:

An Wasserflussen Babylon

An Wasserflussen Babylon for organ solo. Played by Colm Carey during the Winter Spitalfields festival, 2013. Sponsored by the Lithuanian Composers Union. (recording by Alex Barnes). More info on the project here.

Two Lied Songs

"What is this all about". Anna BÜRK (soprano), Robertas LOZINSKIS (fortepiano); music: Jonas Jurkunas, lyrics: Gintaras Grajauskas, translation: Jonas Jurkunas.

"I was looking through the window". Veronika Anusca (soprano), Andra Demidov (fortepiano); music: Jonas Jurkunas, lyrics: Gintaras Grajauskas, translation: Jonas Jurkunas.

Recorded during European Liedforum Vilnius 2013 final concert

The Royal Procession


“The Queen invites Alice to join. — Alice unintentionally offends the Queen who calls the Executioner to behead her. But Alice, growing bolder, boxes his ears and in the confusion which results, she awakes.”

Video – excerpt from the first movie version of Lewis Caroll’s novel “Alice in Wonderland”, directed by Cecil Hepworth.

The Royal Procession

for violin, piano, tape and video

first performance by Duo Strimaitis at “Jauna Muzika” festival, Vilnius, 2011



Karalienė pakviečia Alisą prisijungti. Alisa netyčia įžeidžia Karalienę, ši pakviečia budelį, kad nukirstų jai galvą. Alisa, vis drąsesnė, skelia jam keletą antausių, ir dėl kilusio sąmyšio prabunda.

Video – ištrauka iš pirmojo filmo pagal Lewiso Carollo knygą “Alisa stebuklų šalyje”, režisierius Cecilas Hepworthas.

Resonances. Ascending

“Resonances. Ascending” for solo piano, performed by D. Slipkus



“Ašara” for vocal quartet (SATB), based on the poem by M. Martinaitis “Ašara” (Teardrop)

Vėl tas pats sode

“Vėl tas pats sode” for mixed percussion ensemble –hommage à K. Saariaho



“Nebijau” for vocal quartet.

Stella Hermetica.Minimum

“Stella Hermetica” is a continuous creative work developed together with Martynas Bialobžeskis.

Performed in Gaida festival, Vilnius 2007. Performers: vocals – Asmik Grigorian, vocals – Giedrė Vilčiauskienė, “Gaida Ensemble”, conductor – M. Pitrėnas, “Pieno Lazeriai”.


For 11 musicians. First performed at Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival at MassMoCa, North Adams, USA, 2006.