Electronic sound art

some music you see here is acousmatic, some for live electronics solo as Robotic Folk or for DIISSC orchestra

Robotic Folk. Volume One.

My solo electronic project Robotic Folk is getting its shape

Robotic Folk (photo by Mindaugas Skerys)

Robotic Folk (photo by Mindaugas Skerys)

Panko. Waiting for Godot (excerpt)

Composed theatrical piece for bassoon, bass clarinet, percussionist, tape and videotext. Bassoon - A. Puplauskis, bass clarinet - L. Mockūnas, percussionist - T. Kulikauskas. Premiere -  "Jauna Muzika" festival, 2017, Vilnius. 

Dūšelės. Paraphrasis, I, II, III

Musical paraphrases of the band's "Skylė" recent aplbum "Dūšelės". The whole album can be found here.



Remix based on the madrigal by Philippe Verdelot - "Dormendo un giorno"

Mojibake-1. Auikhhhhh


Mojibake-1. Auikhhhhh – excerpt

for DIISSC orchestra and percussive objects

Clipping Music


remix of S. Reich’s “Clapping Music” as performed by DIISSC orchestra

I AM. musical fiction in three parts


I AM. musical fiction in three parts for live and recorded sounds. Composers:  Jonas Jurkunas, Martynas Bialobzeskis. Performed by: A. Pabarčiūtė – vocals, piano; K. Vaiginis – saxophones; D. Slipkus – piano
DIISSC orchestra – tape, live electronics; Vilnius, 2009. Video: Mindaugas Skerys. Camera: Paulius Mazuras, Rudolfas Levulis.

Evidence #2

Performed by Logos Foundation robot.. Vilnius, Jauna muzika festival, 2006.